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First Ever Craft Fair for Redfox Retail was a Success!

Slow and Steady Wins the Craft Fair Race.

The products are all packed away, the tables folded and I am exhausted sitting writing this on my couch. I feel both mentally and physically drained after a fair like this. I think I am mainly mentally drained because the night prior to the fair I could not sleep. I had so much on my mind as I was both anxious and excited to get started. As I arrived to the event I was a little bummed as it was a dark and gloomy day. I was hoping the sun would poke out but that just never happened. There was a light rain all morning and afternoon that just never seemed to let up. I started setting up my table with lots of wonderful goodies and within seconds the other vendors started coming over and complimenting my items. They were impressed with the creativity and uniqueness my table brought to the fair.


Mini donut soaps and donut doggy treats at the fair for sale

Once the clock stuck 9:00 AM the crowds slowly started flowing into the auditorium where my table was set up. I received tons of positive feedback on my products and was excited to make my first sale. I was proud to present mini donut soaps that literally had people attracted to my table from the smell. These bad boys fragrance was so delightful that it fooled tons of people who though they were edible donuts instead of soap. I was happy to see people enjoying my wine cork stoppers as well. I feel that every person I spoke with thought it was clever how I took old cabinet knobs and turned them into stylish cork stoppers.

I also had the mini donut doggy treats that turned out to be a surprisingly attractive item I was selling. I was happy to see people thinking about their pooch as well when it came to purchasing holidays gifts. The funniest part of the day was when a lady came to my table with her dog (who looked more like a mini horse) and jumped up and went nuts when he smelt the doggy treats. It was an easy sale as I told the lady how could she not purchase some treats for her dog who clearly cannot wait to get a small taste.


Overall I feel that my first craft fair experience was a successful one. There was never any point of the day that was so busy that I needed extra hands, but I was happy with sales slowly coming in. I met tons of friendly people who were genuinely interested in my stories and inspirations for the items I had. I left the fair exhausted but happy with some new vendor friends as well as positive reinforcements that I am selling items that people truly enjoy.

More goodies for sale at my Amazon store as well!