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New HEMP CBD Stores!

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FishSki Provisions

Nature’s Nomad

You can find FishSki Hemp Extract Green Chile Mac and Cheese always on their website and Amazon. These products are now available on and Google Express.

Elsewhere on the web Fishski Provisions has partnered with two incredible, extremely well curated, specialty CBD stores: Infused CBD Marketplace and Nature’s Nomad

Both of these stores feature the best, most unique, hemp-CBD products you can find anywhere. Pick up some FishSki and check out the other great products Paul and Rob (Pictured above at the beach with FishSki) stock in their respective stores! 


Infused CBD Marketplace is running a fantastic giveaway today through the weekend. The giveaway prize contains FishSki meals along with some other great independent CBD products including: 

  • FishSki Hemp CBD Infused Hatch Green Chile Mac & Cheese, as well as our non CBD Hatch Red Chile Mac & Cheese and Jalapeno Cheddar Grits;
  • Proposition Cocktail Smokey Margarita and Turmeric Ginger Mule CBD mocktails;
  • Raspberry, blackberry, lemon and huckleberry Wyld CBD Vegan gummies; and
  • Nova Blis CBD lollipops in watermelon and candy apple.

You can enter the giveaway here and/or at the Boulder Taco Fest this weekend where you can find an Infused CBD Marketplace pop-up featuring FishSki Hemp Mac.