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Benefits of Edible Flowers

I have always admired the beauty of flowers. 🌺🏡🌹🌼 We have such a great variety, they bring a splash of color, making people smile 😊. They add an exotic taste to many dishes πŸ₯§ around the world.

Did you know that flowers are very high in antioxidants? This is especially true for those with deep color. Flowers contain a good dose of vitamins and minerals as well as phytochemicals. All of these properties benefit our gut health and improves our skin too. πŸ™Œ

Sprinkle them in salads πŸ₯—, sandwiches πŸ₯ͺ, teas 🍡, soups 🍜, butter πŸ”ͺ, cakes 🍰, cookies πŸͺ and you can even make pretty ice cubes. ❄

Down bellow you can check which flowers are safe to eat. Do not consume anything without being 100%. It is important to verify if the flower has been grown organically and has not been exposed to chemicals.

Edible Flower @planofyouth
  • Nasturtium: high levels of vitamin C, improves immune system, treats fungal and bacterial infections.
  • Daylily: helps detoxify the body, insomnia.
  • Red Clover: helps with indigestion, cough, asthma, reduces inflammation in the body.
  • Calendula: aids digestion, supports immune system.
  • Lavender: it promotes a sense of calm, relaxation, helps with digestive issues.
  • Pumpkin Flower: highly nutritious, promotes weight loss, boosts immunity.
  • Marigold: act as an anti-inflammatory promoting healing.
  • Hibiscus: high in antioxidants, boost liver health, fight bacteria and lower blood pressure.
  • Dandelion: highly nutritious, potent antioxidant, fights inflammation and may aid blood sugar control.
  • Roses: strengthens immune system, improves digestion and helps fight stress.
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