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How Redfox Retail met Designable

Redfox Retail & Designable Collaborating to Create Greatness!

This is a tale of how Redfox Retail met Designable, which begins many years ago when I was working at a local fitness club. I had just graduated college and as many back then, could not find a full-time position in my field of study. Little did I know how this job would completely change my life.

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I worked as a personal trainer at the facility and was able to meet many knowledgeable and interesting people. In fact I even met a young lady at the gym that ended up becoming my wife. But that’s a whole other story that you can read about. Members at the gym come and go, but one member was friendly with the entire staff and a pleasure to talk with. This was the one and only Andy. Andy is an incredibly talented graphic designer, maker of unique wooden products and owner of a company called Designable.

When Andy and I first met, Redfox Retail was not even born yet. I was just in the beginning stages of learning about business. Read about how Redfox Retail began. Fast forward 8 years and here we are, Redfox Retail and Designable are good friends and collaborators. Andy and I are teaming up to bring the world some amazing pieces of work that can only be found exclusively at or thru Designable’s Etsy store.

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If you are intrigued to learn what we create be sure to follow my blog for updates and exclusive offers for my readers. Follow Designable’s builds on their Instagram feed.