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The Birth of Redfox Retail

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The story of how Redfox Retail came to life!

As a young boy I was always interested in discovering cool and unique items. I remember going with my father to flea markets and yard sales to find new treasures. To this day I still go out everyday and look for different and one of a kind items. For years I would find items for myself and people would always ask me “Robert, where on Earth did you find that?” I became more proficient at it though out the years until one day I realized I can make these discoveries for others as well. It was a fun hobby and I really loved going out and searching for treasures.

As with many hobbies, sometimes life and responsibilities get in the way and one cannot enjoy them as often. This was the case with me. After graduating from college I worked at a fitness facility which took up lots of my free time and a schedule that did not allow me to get out there and find items. As I was working one day a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed girl walked into the gym and I was speechless. I introduced myself and showed her around the facility that day and she signed up and became a member. As time went on we became close friends and really enjoyed each others company. After a short while the friendship blossomed into a relationship which eventually though time turned into a proposal.

After discovering how expensive weddings can be I needed to figure out a way to earn extra cash in order to help fund this wedding. Thus Redfox Retail was born in 2012. I remember not getting much sleep during this time as I was basically working two full time jobs in order to have the perfect wedding. I began selling video games on various websites which opened the door to other great selling platforms. I slowly began finding my treasures new or old again and loved every second of it. The extra income helped create our dream wedding but also created a business that was taking off. This success had me motivated to find more quality products to sell at affordable prices. Within the following three years, Redfox Retail became my main focus and priority which grew tremendously.

I love what I do and enjoy finding new treasures each and every day.



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