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What the FBOMB!

What the F is an FBOMB? They are portable snacks you can eat at anytime, anywhere. Quality real-food snacks made from…

🌰 nut butters
🥑 premium oils 
🧀 cheese crisps
🥓 pork sticks

Nut Butter with Macadamia with Coconut

FBomb’s are Macadamia butter so its high in fat and the lowest in carbs from any other nut. They’re a quick easy 22g of fat.

FBOMB is passionate about health and has turned that passion into a mission to help others live healthier lives. FBOMB products have unique packaging, finding tasty high-quality fat options at home or on-the-go is no longer a challenge. Whether you’re at work, at the gym, on a hike, or traveling the world, you’ll find our packages are convenient, durable, and portable.

Perfect for any activity

Designing a texture with perfect consistency requires lots of patience. Using dry roasted macadamia nuts which FBOMB grinds themselves allows this to be possible. It is interesting to state that a lot of experimentation with the grinds was done before settling on the final grinder settings. FUN FACT, FBOMB had to modify commercial equipment especially for these since the standard grinding equipment didn’t give them what they wanted.

The nut butters are 90% creamy, with a good helping of small nutty morsels. Designed for runners and athletes, who like the fats and taste of macadamia but find whole nuts hard to eat when running/biking/being awesome.

FBOMB has come a long way from their humble beginnings to become a powerhouse of a product! Interested in trying one click here!